Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Prosperity Preachers Got it Right

While reading another article in time magazine I had a thought. In the article, entitled, Going After the Money Ministers, Mark Thompson states that Republican Senator Chuck Grassley is going after some of the major money ministers. He is looking into their books, their trips and their so called 'business expenses'.

My thought is aren't this ministers simply walking the walk. All of the ministers in the Senator's scope are those attached to the Prosperity Gospel movement. They preach that if you have faith in God that you will be blessed, which usually translates into wealth or health. If this is their gospel, what is wrong with their lifestyle. If I was going to hear Revs. Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Eddie Long, Joyce Meyer, Paula White or Kenneth and Gloria Copeland (all named targets of Grassley), wouldn't I want to see a minister living the gospel s/he is preaching.

Would I trust a preacher, telling me I will be made wealthy and healthy, if they drove off in a 1994 Honda? No, if this is the message I wanted to hear, I want them to arrive in a limo, fly off in a private jet, and vacation next to the Beckams. That way I could not call them a brood of vipers or whitewashed tombs. They are living out the gospel they preach, what is wrong with that?

I truly hope I am living the life I am preaching. I hope I am portraying the type of love of God that I spout off about from behind the pulpit. I hope I am loving my enemy, helping the poor, caring for the sick, and ministering to the least of these. If a Senator came to me and wanted an audit of my lifestyle, would s/he find that I live out what I preach, like these ministers. Or would I simply be a hypocrite like the rest of the Pharisees.

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