Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Prayer Request: This one is almost too hard to swallow

One of my parishioners shared this news with me yesterday and it is still sitting in the front of my throat. I cannot even swallow the reality of what has happened to this person.

There is a student in Divinity school near us that took an internship this summer at a local United Methodist Church. During her time there she was raped by the youth minister. She then found out she was pregnant by the rapist. During exams for the pregnancy she found out she has cervical cancer which needs treatment. Her options are to abort the baby and receive treatment or bring the baby to term and hope the cancer doesn't spread too much.

Now I am hearing this at least third hand but still it is shocking enough. From my understanding her family is pushing her to abort the child (all within the UM discipline's social rules) to help save her. But she is refusing stating that God has given her this child for a reason.

I cannot even begin to understand nor even think about living in such chaos. I pray for J (as I will call her). God is with her and I hope she is open to the Spirit in her life. I also pray for her family, the congregation she intern at, the rapist, and all those effected by this tragedy.

I still cannot swallow this though.


gavin richardson said...

wow! i can't imagine

Pastor Floyd said...

The girls choices may be within the UM social principles, I doubt that the youth pastor's behavior was. I hope the church (either local or other) will take appropriate action.

Unknown said...

Thank you both for your comments. I think you are right Floyd. I do not know the church that she was at but knowing the DS in that district I am sure things were handled properly.