Monday, November 5, 2007

I confess...

A while back I read a post on The Ivy Bush, and was stirred by Jonathan Marlow's confessions. Ever since then I have been debating on creating my own list. Would my confessions hold enough truthiness to be worth the exercise?

Well enough wrestling with my I go!

I confess this is a lot harder to write these out than I thought. (first one out of the way)
I confess that I often am so cynical I probably miss out on a lot of God's work.
I confess I am grateful for my parishioner who does the marquee out in front of the church because I am a horrible speller and would hate to do that in public.
I confess I had to take my New Testament exam in seminary twice.
I confess I lack meaningful hobbies.
I confess I still feel that I am holding back when I preach out of fear of speaking in front of people.
I confess as I get older and approach the age my father had his heart attack (he had it at 36 and I am 30) I still don’t do everything I should to take care of my health and be healthier.
I confess I have only kissed two girls in my life and the second I married.
I confess I do not regret my last confession.
I confess I am in debt and working hard to get out of it.
I confess I secretly miss cutting my grass some weeks, although it is very nice one of my parishioners, who owns a lawn service, does it.
I confess I still debate if I should have left my last appointment because I felt I left the staff there high and dry to deal with the senior minister on their own.
I confess I think too much about my salary.
I confess I don’t read as much as I think I should.
I confess I have not ever read the Bible cover to cover and I am afraid that makes me a hypocrite.
I confess I think my son has prettier blue eyes than my wife.
I confess I think too much about what people think of me.
I confess I really miss my good friends from seminary.
I confess I really wish we lived in England longer than the 10 months we were there.
I confess that as at the end of this list, they started to become easier to write and that there must be something to this confession thing!

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Jonathan Marlowe said...

It is good for the soul, isn't it?


I enjoy reading your blog!