Saturday, November 17, 2007

Clergy Are Happy

In the most recent Time, it states that the people who are happiest with their profession are clergy. I think that is wonderful. I am glad that we clergy get fulfillment, meaning and assurance out of our 'job'.

What I found interesting about his article though is who is unhappy. It seems those with very manual intensive jobs are unhappy, welders, auto mechanics, factory workers, etc. The most unhappy people with their jobs are gas station attendants. Ministry opportunity?

Fellow clergy...SPREAD THE JOY!!! Face it we have a great job!


John said...

Are clergy really that happy? Or are we just unwilling to admit that we might not be?

If a clergy person were truly unhappy in his/her job, how likely is it that he would admit it?

Unknown said...

Great question John. Actually while I was telling my wife about this article and said I have one of the happiest jobs in all America, she looked at me with 'whatever' look on her face.

I think clergy would have a very hard time admitting they are unhappy with their position. They may blame the church situation as a cause or some other event. But you are correct I don't think many would admit.

Probably because clergy are the ones who have to live up to the idea that we 'have it all together' image. That ideal that our churches, society, and ourselves force us to live up to.

Thanks for the comment.