Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Top 10 Things I Miss About Youth Ministry

Now that I am in the local church as a ‘senior’ minister and I am not an associate minister who works with youth any more there are some things I miss about that ministry. I knew that youth ministry is not the place that I am called to be forever but it was a wonderful four years. After being away from it for almost two months now, knowing what is happening in that ministry (Sunday nights starting back up, etc.) there are some things miss. Here is my top ten list:

10. Getting all the youth event junk mail
9. Having tee-shirts and shorts as my dress code
8. Playing and singing music each week
7. Planning trips, both for mission and fun
6. Being told I’m really old (@ 30)
5. Hearing about heart aches of junior high
4. Fighting with the church boards to support the youth ministry in the budget
3. Planning spiritual retreats that they enjoy and grow from
2. Being in touch and mold young hearts and minds
1. All the cool tee-shirts


David said...


As for me I would add:

Taking the youth out for meals/coffee/smoothies as par-for-the-course visitation.

Keeping up with all the teeny-bop culture, and being able to claim it as "focus group study"


Brian Vinson said...

I don't know what kind of church you're in now, but I still get all the youth event junk mail, I have mandated a t-shirt and shorts dress code, I play and sing music weekly (some of the same types of songs I did with the youth I now do with the whole congregation), I still (and always hope to) fight the board for funding for youth ministry, and I still hear about the heartaches of junior high (I teach Confirmation class). I work hard to keep in touch with young people and I mold young lives - especially outside the church walls (I coach soccer).

On the other hand, I haven't planned any trips, though I was almost roped into being a tour guide for a bunch of blue hairs (blecch). I think I will plan a spiritual retreat for this winter.

And, instead of being so old anymore (in my mid 30s), I get "are you old enough to be a pastor?"
6. Being told I’m really old (@ 30)

1. All the cool tee-shirts