Saturday, September 8, 2007

Questions 9 & 10

I am going to finally sit down and finish these questions. I know that I said that I would do them all but I have felt the got a little repetitive. I liked the first 5 but then the last 5 have been a little more difficult to convince myself to answer. But I am knocking them out today!

Question 9: If John Wesley read the list of duties and responsibilities in paragraph 340, what do you think would most horrify him? Most please him?

I think that JW would be most horrified with the bureaucratic nature of our denomination now. It seems that this is exactly what he was trying to redo in the Anglican church and now the we are just like them. I think he would be most pleases with the teaching and administering the sacraments. I think the UMC has nailed it on the head with open communion and I think JW would still love that!

Question 10: If you had been preparing this list of questions, what question would you include?
I think I would include asking this questions. In light of all the responsibilities and duties of a minister, how does one keep from being a workaholic and ignoring one's family and personal time?

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