Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Question #8 (a fun one)

I am guessing the authors of this book must be men because this is a guy question, one of those you toss around while tossing some back.

Which is more important to a team's success: a football quarterback, a basketball point guard, or a baseball lead-off batter? (This question is to provide a relaxing diversion as you press on towards the final stretch of the questions.)

All of these positions are play an important role in the success of the whole team. Without a good player in these positions the whole team suffers and probably loses. I found this question quite simply to answer though, but this may be due to my sport preferences.

The quarterback is the most important. This is because in the other areas other team mates can pick up the ball and run with (literally and figuratively). If the lead-off batter is having a bad game then there are 8 other chance out there for them to have good games. If the point guard is not playing well, then give it to the forward to bring up the ball or the shooting guard. But in the quarterback position there is no real sub during the game. If the quarterback is not playing well he cannot hand his duties over to the wide receiver, halfback, or lineman. They all have their parts to play in the course of the game, so they cannot step over and take over.

You also have to add in the points per mess up. If a lead-off batter hits a high fly ball the only thing this causes the team is one out, still leaving two more. If a point guard makes a bad pass or misses a shot the point potential for the other team because of that mistake is 3 points (unless there is rare 4 point play). But if a quarterback throws an interception or fumbles the snap the team could suffer 6 points, thus giving his one mistake the highest points per mistake, continuing to prove he is the most important to a team's success.

I know there will be people who disagree with me, fine. But the only argument I can see is for the point guard. The point guard controls the tempo of his team's game, sets plays and defend against the other teams leader. The lead-off batter though does none of this and although is the most powerful hitter in the line up, he may not be the leader of the team.

This is why the quarterback reigns supreme.

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