Thursday, August 30, 2007

Midnight Lawn Mowing

As I sat at my desk and looked out the front window into my neighbor's front lawn, I noticed lights moving back and forth. I could hear the hum of a riding lawn mower. My interest was peaked. With further investigation and calling my wife in to verify what I was seeing, it was true. At 9:00 pm on Wednesday, he was mowing his grass in complete darkness. This was not a summer day when it doesn't get dark until 9:30, no it was dark at about 8:00 pm this night.

As we watched, our neighbor rode his lawn mower up and down his yard with his headlights blaring (on the lawn mower!) We were in a small case of shock and we started to ask ourselves, why?

Is it his age and being an older gentlemen he did not want to be out in the middle of the afternoon, in the heat cutting his grass? Was it the heat that caused him to do this? Was it the fact that his lawn mower had headlights and he felt the need to actually use them?

My assumption is the cause of this night mowing was the heat but if we are deep into October and this continues, I will have to reconsider my assumptions. It still is unsettling!

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Unknown said...

Why is it unsettling to you? Do things out of the norm bother you? :-)

Sometimes we just have to get used to things being different, Rev J!

Might be that was the only time he had?

I have done this when I had no time left on the day and needed the yard to look nice the next day for visitors.

LOL... I hope you can relax and go with the unusual! :D