Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Commercial Conservative Christianity

Why is it that the pastors, ministers, evangelists that are TV and radio all are conservative Christians? Where is the moderate or even liberal voice? I have been thinking about this for a while and it is bothering me more and more. I know that there are places on the web that speak to this side of Christianity but why not in the main stream media? I think I have an idea about the reasons behind some of it. These are my assumptions but I am wondering if there is any truth in them.

First, does America, especially in my part of America, the south, like their religion conservative? Since the money is given to ministers, with more conservative theology, to go on the radio and TV to preach, we have to listen to what the money is saying. It is saying that this view point of the Bible is worth telling the world and people are willing to pay for it. For this to happen there has people out there who are pulled towards this thinking and this way of evangelizing.

Second, people actually like to listen to this stuff. I know I am showing my bias theologically but this is my blog and I can do that here without apologies. People actually like listening to ministers proclaim when the end times are coming. They like huge illustrations on Revelation that stand behind the minister as he preaches about the end of the world. Where is the voice telling people this is a wrong interpretation of Revelation, Darby didn’t get it right. People actually like hearing about judgment of God. I think this is popular because people like to be judgmental and if God is going to do it, show should we.

My third point is actually like point 2.5. People like to have the fear put in them and in today’s culture fear sells. It sells because with fear comes people to protect us from that fear. If the end of the world is going to happen tomorrow then send your money in so we can tell everyone today. With terrorism and 9/11 always at the forefront of our American minds, main stream ministers capitalize on that and really always have.

My questions are: Is this just a southern thing or is it pervasive in the places like the Northeast and the West Coast, places of traditionally more liberal ideologies? Are their more moderate and liberal ministers in the mainstream media and I simply just don’t get those channels in my cable package? How can we, as those non-conservative preachers, change the image that these ministers on TV and radio give to the general population? I am tired of being tossed into their category!

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