Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wise Words

There is a lot of gossip about the United Methodist Church splitting, breaking up, divorcing, schism, what ever you want to call it.  There have been harsh words on all sides and those who agree and disagree.  In other has been church.  As General Conference 2016 approaches and we are only a year away from voting for those who will represent us there, I am sure the rhetoric will only continue to rise and become louder.

In the midst of these conversations I have been wondering how best to express my feelings.  Low and behold, James Howell did it for me.  Please read his blog post from Monday.  We are a denomination that holds down the extreme middle.  James read my heart and wrote it down.  This tells me my feelings are shared by others.

What I found refreshing is that I am not alone.  My prayer is that the conversation will continue, prayer will continue, holy conferencing will continue and may God's grace be felt and expressed.

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