Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas

Ministry Matters™ | Articles | What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas

The above link is an interesting article from Ministry Matters.  Being my first Christmas with this congregation I am not sure what to expect.  Every church is different and have their own ways of saying thank you or not.

What would be on my Christmas list?

Folding machine would be awesome; so would a new office chair.  A vacation to Maui or Bora Bora would be beyond awesome!  Then there is the list at the parsonage, which is way to long.  I am not sure what I would REALLY like for Christmas as a pastor.

If I had to make a Christmas prayer, this is what it would be for my congregation.  I pray that we, as congregation and minister, work together to hear God's call for this church and then strive together, as one body, to work towards that calling.  I pray through that experience we can transform ourselves, our church, and our community into a dedicated and devoted group of Christ followers.

That is not too much to ask is it?

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