Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ministry Matters™ | Articles | Jesus Is My Candidate

Ministry Matters™ | Articles | Jesus Is My Candidate

I have been struggling with this election.  I am tired of the "end of times" talk out there.  If _____ is elected the world will end in the next four years.  I am tired of the emails that blast people who are voting for whoever the 'other' candidate.  I am also tired of hearing that the most imporant thing Christians can do this November is vote.

Now I firmly believe voting is important and it is a wonderful right that we have in this country.  There are people who have died for that right in other places and we should take it seriously.  But as a Christian who worships a God of no nation I hate limiting God to our borders and our politics.  God is bigger than that and what we do as Christians is bigger than that.

I like how this article asks some good questions about making Jesus our candidate.  I also like the idea of Election Day Communion or what I have heard in some other places, a prayer vigil on the day after the election.

In a time when the country is split and fighting against one another we need to remember some things and this may be the most important thing we as Christians can do on Nov. 3rd.  We can remember we are all God's Children, we are all created by God and in God's image.  We are all loved by God and given grace, forgiveness and joy.

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