Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pastor's View on Politics as we Know It

James Howell, pastor of Myers Park UMC in Charlotte, has a great article in the Charlotte Observer.  Here is a link to the whole article and a little snippet below.  Howell's title I think sums it all up perfectly, Fear, Lying Politicians and Trust

Whether you believe in God or not, let me offer a few suggestions. We need not cower in fear. We can trust ourselves. We can trust our country. We can trust our fellow citizens, who actually have some wisdom. Maybe we can try a little more humility. Who’s cocky enough to have all the answers, while everybody else is a kook? Could some modesty be the opening we all need to listen, to lower the temperature, and realize we might figure out ways to work together, and not condemn each other but trust the fledgling goodness in each other?
I also really liked.
We can decide that the best thing for each one of us, for our country, and for our world is to shackle this fear, to refuse to play victim, and choose to trust ourselves, and our country, and even God, and move forward, not hoping our foes fail miserably, but striving together to succeed.
Take some time and read the article and I trust you will.

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