Thursday, July 19, 2012

PK - the Parsonage Kitty

July 3rd was move day.  It was just under 100 degrees, humid, and a VERY long day.  I have been absent from this blog for a while because I am attempting to keep my head above water in this new appointment.  It will take a while to feel "settled" but each day we are getting there.  I thought writing a post may help in that matter.

So, back to July 3rd.  My wife left the movers and I to wrap up at one parsonage as she prepared for our arrival at the next (4 hours later than expected).  There were new parishioners busily making the place ready for us.  They were cleaning out shelves and putting down shelf liner.  My wife got to talk to many of them for a long time.  During one of these conversations we learned about PK, which is what we named the cat that the previous minister left behind.  PK stands for Parsonage Kitty.

Yes, you read that right.

The previous minister took another appointment some 1,800 miles away, in another conference, in another state.  The drive he said would be too much for the 15 year old cat.  So he left it.  We heard later his wife (who is the real cat owner) made plans with the neighbor for her to take it.  But since the only home it knows in the area is on our back deck.  There it stays, day in and day out.  It may walk over to the neighbor's to be fed, but then back to the deck to mew and lay its mangy looking fur all over our outdoor chairs.

At the Clergy Moving Seminar we were told a joke about a parsonage that came with a cat and everyone laughed.  It was funny to think about that ridiculousness.

I'm not currently laughing.


John Bryant said...

The same thing happened to us in our last parsonage. The pastor's wife fed 3 cats. They told us they had made plans with the neighbor to feed it. The neighbor said they left a bag of food with no notice in their car port. After a few months of no food from us, they quit hanging around as much. And they never looked any skinnier, so they were finding food just fine.

John Wesley Leek said...

That's insane.