Thursday, May 10, 2012

Change is Coming = Opportunity

The Western North Carolina is changing in a couple of months.  On July 1st we will move from 15 districts around our conference to 8.  The new districts have been named and all the churches have their home.  Seven District Superintendents have either retired or have moved back into a pulpit or other position.  Dramatic changes are occurring.

But with any change there is the possibility of finally getting some things right.  I hope that as our new districts settle into their new names and areas that better attention can be given to their websites.  There are only a couple of who have really anything close to adequate websites.  My current district is really a throwback website to the mid 90s.  But as these new districts form I hope some attention goes to their website.

As geography grows they will become essential as a communication tool and source of information for their larger districts.  They will need to be a source of connection not just information.  What would happen if tools like Google + Huddle was used to have district meetings instead of traveling for three hours round trip for a meeting that last only an hour?  There has to be ways that new technology can link pastors together with the successes we have and missions we are doing.  There has to be a way that district websites are a place of ignition and a place of inspiration.  Not just a place that old information goes to die.

We shall see but with change there is hope that opportunity and growth can come out of it.


John Bryant said...

My district website never updated to include the appointments that began in 2011, which includes mine and my wife's. I would be annoyed if I thought anyone used it.

John Wesley Leek said...

Good points. I hope to use things like Google hangouts in helping plant churches, but I wonder if many older clergy would welcome it for meetings with DS'. Maybe they'd be okay with a picture of the DS and a conference call! ;)