Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pastor's 24 Hours Project

Jeremy over at Hacking Christianity, has declared Wednesday the 27th, Pastor 24 day. It is a project for those on Twitter to Tweet what they are doing all day in the name of ministry. This idea was based off what the police in Greater Manchester did to show people that cops don't just eat donuts all day.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing what I do in the name of ministry all day. This is a cool project to inform those outside the realm ministry what ministers do on a daily basis. Many people really think we only work 1 hour a week, the hour they see us. LIttle do they know.

Follow along and see what ministers really do! For a sneak peak at what this might look like go here.

1 comment:

Rev. Jeremy Smith said...

Thanks for the mention, Jim! Looking forward to tomorrow for sure!