Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Burning the Quran is a Horrible Decision

10: It is the sacred writing of the Islamic religion. Whether you believe in what the holy book says or not, it doesn't matter. It should be treated with the respect and the honor that those who believe in it have for it.

9: This will solve nothing. Burning their holy book will do nothing to quiet their distaste for us (yes your actions will be including me since you and I call ourselves Christian) and only provokes more retaliation.

8: The armed Christian conservative group, "Right Winged Extreme", who were going to send you 500-2000 armed members to provide security, pulled out of their commitment because they think what you are doing is un-Christian. 'Here's your sign...' (HT: Hacking Christianity)

7: Burning the Quran will only show ignorance.

6: Doing this will only create more of "us" verses "them" all over the world, yes ALL OVER THE WORLD! Don't you remember what happened in Denmark?

5: Jesus rode into Jerusalem on an ass to change the world forever, he wasn't being an ass. Try to be more like Jesus.

4: Matthew 7:12

3: Jesus said pray for our enemies.

2: 9/11 was a horrible day when thousands of people died. Christians, Atheists, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and countless others all died at the hand of evil men. Maybe a better way of remembering them is to gather and pray and worship the loving and forgiving God who saves us all from the evil in this world.

1: You are upset because of select number of radical extremist of a peaceful religion are doing something in the name of their god to hurt others in other places of the world. Well guess what all the rest of us Christians are thinking about you!



Erin G said...

amen and amen. post the link to this on facebook, dude. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Erin, in fact you can post it to Facebook if you so desire. There is a little icon at the bottom of the post.