Thursday, September 16, 2010

Snippet of Rob Bell's New Work

Below is a snippet of Rob Bell's new work, Poets/Prophets/Preachers. Just these little two minutes expresses why I like Bell's work. The way he looks at something is very different or at least it is packaged in a way that speaks to me. I hope that he will go into more of this at the Duke Divinity School's Convocation and Pastors School. I get to attend his breakout session (Yeah!) and also listen to the wisdom and awesomeness of NT Wright. Man it will be a great two days!

For $40 you can get five videos on these subjects. It may be worth it but I'm going to hear what he says in Oct. before I purchase, although I probably will anyway.

What do you think about the two choices Bell lays out here as the result of our preaching? He is right if we want one we have to be willing to accept when the other happens as well. The truth is they both scare the hell out of me. How about you?


Rebecca Of Tomorrow said...

I'm already feeling some of that now myself. You should have warned me.

Unknown said...

Ain't ministry grand...sorry about not giving you a heads up.

FYI, while talking to some fellow ministers who use to do youth work we came to the conclusion that youth want to talk about two subjects, Revelation and sex. Go figure!

Rebecca Of Tomorrow said...

They may want to talk about it, but apparently their parents don't...