Tuesday, August 10, 2010

WWJS - Where Would Jesus Stand

Brian, via Facebook, states a good question, "If Jesus was a friend to women with reputations, which side of the picket line is he on here?" He is referring to this story about a strip club owner and some of the dancers who are protesting a nearby church on Sunday mornings. It seems the New Beginning Ministry congregation has been video tapping license plates and calling the dancers 'home wreckers' while they walk in and out of their place of employment. The owner got tired of it and decided to protest the church's service. Now on Sunday mornings a bikini clad woman could be seen holding up signs about "false prophets" in front of their church.

Where would Jesus stand? Seriously, where would he stand?

There is truth in trying to deter business, like the strip club, from plaguing a community. Making money off of exploiting women, booze, and married men is not really biblical living. I have known ministers get a local corner store's liquor license removed so that the bad influences standing on the street corner would go away and make the church's neighborhood safer. So I don't blame the church for wanting to get rid of the strip club.

Men, and heck women too, going into the club to 'minister' to the ladies in the name of Jesus may not be the best approach either. That reeks of hypocrisy.

My guess is that Jesus would be offering a late night meal for the women when they get off work, providing child care during work hours, or seeking to help these women break the cycle they are caught in. The XXXChurch has made their name doing this and it has been successful. Powerful ministry can be done out of the context of a loving relationship with another person.

I don't think Jesus would protest. Yes he over turned tables, was fine with confrontation, and spoke his mind, but I don't think he stood outside the Pharisees house with a sign telling them "turn and burn" (he just did that to their faces). When Christians protest, like stated in this article, they turn a moment of sharing the love of Christ into a "we're better than you" situation. By holding up signs or yelling cross words at another human being, you are dehumanizing them, not loving them.

Where would Jesus stand?

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