Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hoverboard in 4.5 Years

My wife and I were watching a little movie called Back to the Future and we were reminded that Marty goes into the future to the year 2015. That is only 4.5 years away. This means that Mattel needs to jump on it and create the hoverboard I was hoping to exist by then. The Nike boot looking sneakers are not that cool any more though, so I hope they don't put too much R&D into that one.

When I first saw this movie in the theaters I was 12 years old. And like any 12 year old I dreamed of that future that McFly hovered around. Flying cars, 3D hologram Jaws trailers, video conference calls, and dehydrated food. What is crazy is to look around and see where we are and what truly might be by then. I don't think we will be flying in 4.5 years in our personal cars but we may all own 3D TVs, or at least that is what some TV companies are banking on. We already have those video conference calls (Skype) and the new iPhone. If we keep added so many preservatives to our food we may have dehydrated food soon as well.

I have had what I have dubbed "Back to the Future Moments" recently. It may show that I am getting old, but there are times when I look at my wife and we are shocked with what is truly possible today. It scares me and excites me to think about what my kids will think was utterly silly that I thought was so cool now. It is like what I think about 8 track tapes and Pong.

Time continues to roll on and the future becomes the present. I guess if you don't take time to appreciate where you have come from, you can't really appreciate where you are now. The world changes so fast these days that if you blink you will miss it. I look forward to the dramatic changes in 4.5 years. Someone will create something that I didn't know I really needed, like Facebook or the NES Power Glove.

But I don't care how old I am, when the Hoverboard comes out, and oh yes, someday it will. I'm trying it even if I break a hip.

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