Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Facebook use to be fun. It was a great way to connect with old friends and people I forgot I knew. I could cyber stalk old high school friends and see where they are now, 15 years later. I could catch up with good friends and see updated pictures of their families. I got sucked into Mafia Wars but dodged Farmville. I attempted to create funny and interesting status updates.

Now though it is getting sad. Now I am finding out more than I have ever wanted to know about some people. I have seen people become huge jerks. I have read people trounce their churches, spouses, friends, and themselves via status updates. I'm friends with people who find it impossible to say anything nice about our President. I see pictures of wild parties and have watched marriages fall apart.

I wonder if people realize that when they post stuff on Facebook it is open to the world? I really don't think people realize this fact.

Now as I get my Facebook fix, I get depressed watching the downward spiral of people's lives or the arrogance people can have hiding behind a keyboard. It is sad and depressing.

But Facebook also gives opportunity for ministry and this is the excuse I use to keep returning. I have learned some things about people I would have never known by just shaking their hand after worship. This gives me an in to make contact and inquire more about what is happening and offer up prayer and support.

It is also a great way to promote new ministries or groups coming up at church, through the fan pages. It is a free marketing tool and can have a great impact.

Facebook is a double edged sword and a time suck. It is one of those things I want to live without but I can't afford to ignore either. Oh Facebook, how I love and hate you. Hey, that's a good status update.

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Rebecca Of Tomorrow said...

That's well said. I agree. I enjoy a lot of the catching up and witticisms posted by my cyber-buddies. I am saddened by the dissolution of marriages I've noted via FB. But think of it this way, FB didn't cause those marriages to break up...they just showed the process - albeit a bit one-sidedly. You're right about it being the potential for ministering to people. Keep it up.