Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Book Idea

Ever since I read Talbot's post in February I have been thinking about this book. I have never thought about it really before this but for the last couple of months it has been in my head constantly. Usually, I've learned, that tends to be a God thing. So I thought I would toss the idea out to the blogosphere and see what you all think. The paragraph below is kind of a jacket summary of the book.

What do you completely honest. I know a lot depends on the content but I am currently looking at the idea and working through content ideas which I may share at a later day, although I am sure there are somethings in this blog that would make it in there as well. Would love some feedback, brutally honest feedback.

As You Go – Lessons Learned as a Young Clergy

As I graduated seminary I looked forward to doing actual ministry in the real world. I was ready to get my hands dirty and be on the front lines for God. I had heard that seminary only gives you an education and not the actual skills needed for ministry. They, whoever ‘they’ are, were right. The things you learn in seminary do not prepare you for your first church. It trains your mind to think theologically and to do quality exegesis but the nuts and bolts of ministry are learned as you go. When this happens mistakes are often made and in my case I made many of them. The first eight years of ministry I have learned a lot after picking myself up when I have fallen on my face. Within these pages I share some of the mistakes I've made not so others just starting out in ministry can avoid them but in order to share the most powerful piece of wisdom I have learned in my short ministry; failure can be the best teacher.


Rebecca Of Tomorrow said...

You have to remember that this is true of every occupation that requires lengthy training before being "unleashed" in practicum. I felt the same way when I began teaching, as did my husband when he went into medical practice. I'm sure it's also the same for soldiers after they get out of boot-camp and tactical training, contractors building their first house, and young m.b.a.s starting their first businesses. If you do write this, bear in mind that, like a parent, you can only explain what has happened to you - to truly learn, the "kids" gotta make their own mistakes. In the end, future ministers might read it, think they've got it, and then go on to screw everything up quite royally anyway. Like I did with my first teaching job.....quite made me wish for a while that I had gone with my other career choice besides teaching - the ministry :-).

Jodie said...

I think you'd write an excellent book. God has given you the gift of words - both with preaching and with writing. You also have so a great pool of resources to help you with a book (friends, family, peers, etc). I encourage you to pursue it - who know where it might lead! Best of luck and I look forward to reading it!

john said...

As a young clergy I have always to find a resource like that. So much so it's an idea I've played with.

Keep praying about it. Let us know. Stay blessed...john

John Meunier said...

Sounds like an interesting book idea.

Two thoughts.

1) Be open to a catchier title. "As You Go" is a little too oblique.

2) Use your Adam Hamilton selling book to help you think about the book contents.

May God guide you.

Unknown said...

Thank you all for your feedback and I'll keep you informed on the progress as it happens.

John, I'm not attached to the title at all, just was one idea. The content is what I was laying out first. Hamilton's book is a good idea, thanks.