Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Email from UMR - Opinions Needed from WNCC

I have been blogging for over three years now because of one reason, it is therapeutic. I have found that as I am able to work through some of the thoughts in my head it makes room for more. Huh...funny how that works. Since blogging (and not really caring about the amount of typos) I have articulated probably 3 good posts, yes that is an average of one a year. Many times I get done with a post and say..."well not sure what I just said there but here's hoping it makes sense", then pressing publish.

It has always amazed me how far post travel too. Using Google Analytic and Site Meter, I can tell that this blog, in its three years of existence, has been read in on every continent (except Antarctica). I don't know why the person in Iceland, Uruguay, and Iraq have found my blog interesting but it is neat to see that for the .02 seconds they were on, they read or saw something of mine. That is neat but also humbling.

What has been truly humbling is that people pass my posts onto others. Last week I received an email from Andy James who is the Marketing and Sales Executive for the United Methodist Reporter. Apparently someone had forwarded him my posts on the Conference and Communications Part I and II. James is now interested in talking to me further about my observations and critiques and seeing if the UMR could help out the WNCC in anyway. I told him he may have gotten the wrong idea, I have no authority or sway in the conference to determine any type of change in our communication. I was only involved in an hour meeting for the conference's communication audit and wanted to express my views via a post or two.

Now the UMR is approaching me for other ideas. Weird and now I really don't know what to tell him besides what I wrote

So if you are in the Western North Carolina Conference, what should I tell him. Do you all agree with my posts or ideas or are there other ways the UM Reporter could help our conference in its communications?

I'll post about my conversation with James later.

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