Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What My Little Girl Will Learn

My niece is crazy into the whole princess scene. She can quote Little Mermaid word for word at the age of four. Everything is princess. I know my 6 month old little girl will probably go through a similar phase. But what do these movies teach the little girls about being a woman. (via Neatorama) has a picture which sociologically deconstructs what little girls learn from these princesses. Thought it was interesting. I guess the bar is set pretty high at a very early age for girls/women theses days. If you aren't pretty enough, you won't go anywhere in life. (click image to go to link if it is hard to read.

They also provide one for the boys too about how to attract said women.


Erin G said...

this is pretty much why I cringe at all the "princess" stuff out there for baby girls. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

You titled this entry "What My Little Girl Will Learn". I ask, why? You are in charge of your children's media, not Disney. If you don't like it, then quit feeding their minds rubbish and give them something better!

Unknown said...

Anonymous, you are correct, I am in charge of what my girl learns to a point. Sure I can ban Disney on my TV but then she will pick it up at school. This generation is inundated with media stereotypes. They are in magizines, bill boards, the tags on the clothes we buy, TV and movies. It is everywhere and unless I keep her in a closet (and remove all the tags from her clothes) she will get this perspective. So yes, this is what she will learn, it is my job as a parent to tell her this is not important. You can only limit the rubbish so much, the trash still gets in. It is the nurture and love she feels from her parents that will give her the ability to rise above it.