Monday, September 21, 2009

Me but not Me

Let's face it we are attached to our names. Our names carry a large portion of our identity. Some of us grow up and cannot stand the names our parent choose for us, others love them. I was born James Parsons and grew up Jimmie (yes with an "ie" not a "y"). All the way through seminary I was Jimmie. When I started to get into the ministry though, got married, "grew up", I started to go by Jim. Let's face is Rev. Jimmie does sound like a child molester. But my name has not had a good run as ministers go, ie...Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart. I cherish my name, I am a Parsons who lives in a Parsonage. I like Jim and still will answer to Jimmie when my friends from the past come calling.

What is weird though is to learn that someone else has your name. Jim Parsons is the minister of Trinity UMC but also the star of the hit comedy "The Big Bang Theory". Jim Parsons was nominated for an Emmy, which I joked about on this blog. As I watched the Emmys last night, rooting for myself to win, it was eerie to hear my named called. To hear people interviewing Jim Parsons and calling out the name we share.

I want to thank Jim for giving our name a good reputation. He is hilarious in "The Big Bang Theory" and I am dropping Heroes just to watch it now on Mondays (not because of his name but because it is much more entertaining than the big pile of poo that is now Heroes). I do have to say it is impossible to find me on Google now. Instead of being on page six, I have fallen almost off the charts. In fact I spent 6, visually enriching minutes trying to find my blog's profile picture on Google Images and I finally found it on page 43. And he is by far the best looking Jim Parsons I could find there too, no offense Jim Parsons.

It is weird to have the same name as a famous person but at least it isn't a serial killer like my friend Geoffrey Bundy.

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Erin G said...

I will always think of you as Jimmie. :)

and now I apparently need to go google-image search myself. :)