Monday, September 22, 2008

A Dark Thought in the Dark of Night

I am looking for something meaningful to write. I need to write something to satisfy myself tonight. I just finished watching a TV show and it reminded me how evil the world can be. As I sit at my computer, in my home office, at my nice desk, the fact that I am sheltered is driven home. I truly do not know how cruel the world can be. I have never looked evil in the eye. The closest I have come is…well I really don’t know.

Evil seems to exist everywhere and my mind wanders to the time when we will meet. I constantly pray it doesn’t happen but the odds are not in my favor. Besides that something deeper tells me my time will come soon enough. Tragedy seems to strike in one way or another in everyone’s life. I look back and I cannot find anything…so I look ahead instead.

The problem with living in a fallen world is the knowledge that pain and suffering will come. Yet Paul tells us to be grateful for our suffering and to rejoice. Maybe I should be looking forward to it then? Maybe, when evil does lay eyes on me, I should smile and greet evil with a warm hello. “I’ve been expecting you, are you the cross I should bear?”

Until that day, I cherish the touch of my wife, the laughter of my son, and the joy of this sheltered life. Tonight, I can shed the thoughts of that TV show and go to sleep knowing I am wrapped up in love, hope, and eternal joy. I should become great friends with them because they will be my companions when the knock comes on my door and the bottom falls out.


johnmeunier said...

I pray God gave you good dreams in your dark night.

Rev. J said...

Thank you for your prayer and yes, good night sleep does a person well. I should not watch Criminal Minds at 11:00 at night!