Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lament for a Grandfather: Part II

My grandfather, who I wrote about some months ago, is dying. Finally the disease that has cast a shell around his soul is taking his life. I’m sad. I hate to hear my mother’s voice quiver when she fills me in with the latest news. I’m angry. His doctor is dragging his feet signing him over to Hospice and is quoted as saying that “Hospice gives up on people to easy.” Don’t get me started on that one. All I have to say is, 84 years old with Alzheimer’s and cannot swallow well and is confined to a bed. Really, is there medical hope for a full recovery?

Inside the pain and sadness there is also joy, not happiness but joy. Happiness is the feeling you get when your favorite team scores a touchdown. Happiness is watching a good movie. Joy is more eternal, more powerful, longer lasting than happiness. I have joy that soon, this week, or next or even the next, my grandfather will be released from his cage and made whole again.

The joy I feel is not found in earthly and secular ‘things’ but is anchored in the sacred faith in Jesus Christ. My grandfather has it and so do I. We are connected through it and I know beyond his sleeping demeanor, blank stares, and emotionless face, there is the same joy that is beyond my grief. We both feel relief and this journey for him is almost over and joy in the eternal prize.

It bugs me when news anchors or others report that ‘such & such’ lost her battle with cancer today. Lost? No, WON! When the time does come and my grandfather passes on from this world to the next, he hasn’t lost a thing. This man of faith will be made whole once again and will be spending eternity with the God he loves. That is not losing that is VICTORY!

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