Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Rage

Okay, for my last pick of the season I got it wrong, thank GOD! I am glad Cook is the new Idol and I wish both David's well on their career.

I only watch Idol on my TiVo though. I am not going to subject myself to two hours of painful bits with singers that were voted off and still cannot dance. All the guests they brought back were old enough to be the contestant's grandparents and then there is the samless plugs for the summer movies.

Finally after FF through all the crap, the 15 seconds that really matter come and I wait patiently to see if TiVo recored it. Once Ryan announced Cook won, Cook turns to Archie and TiVo freezes. I hate that! Why does Fox have to go over. There had to be some time they could have cut out in the 1 hour and 55 minutes leading up to the moment. Maybe instead of looking back we could actually hear who won and enjoy that moment.

We live in a DVR world people! If the show is supposed to be from 9-10, then start at 9:00 and end at 10:00. Stop the extra two minutes on either end. We know you don't fill it with programming, we know it is more commericals. That way you can make more money and get stinking rich on our stupid TV addictions. This is two years in a row, GET IT RIGHT!!!

Diaz at the agrees. Whenever the link to the final, unseen on my TiVo, minutes pop up on the internet, some one please send me a link. Thanks. Until then I feel so empty...

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