Monday, March 10, 2008

Duke VS UNC = respect and class

I don't get ESPN on the 14 channel of cable I buy for $8.45 a month. I wish I did but I don't. I attempted to go out to a sports bar and watch the game last Saturday but every last one of them were crawling with UNC fans and I would have to stand to watch the game. I ended up listening to it on the radio (which is very enjoyable!) It was a good game and congrats Tar Heels on a well played game. I hope we can see round three at the finals of the Tournament on Sunday!

What I did miss but listening to it and starting to listen to it AT tip off is what the students did. When I watched the clip on about the game I noticed that all the crazies were wearing a blue ribbon for the UNC student body president, Eve Carson, who was murdered earlier that week. That made me a proud Duke fan.

I love the rivalry and I am I glad to be a part of the best rivalry in ALL of sports. But it makes me proud that students, coaches and fans, can put aside their dislike for the other color of blue and honor a life that was taken WAY to early. That makes me proud to be a Duke Alumni, a Blue Devil Fan, and an ex-Cameron Crazy.

Thank you Cameron Crazies for the class you have as fans and for the love you have for that wonderful basketball program.

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Jonathan Marlowe said...

I had someone ask me at church the next day, "why didn't Coach K and his coaching staff wear the blue ribbons?" Have you heard anything abou this?