Monday, December 3, 2007

Theology in Children's Books

I am contemplating doing a 4 week sermon series in the short season of Epiphany. My thought, which came from my wonderful wife, was to do it on Children's books. The idea is that during the Children's message I would read the book to the children. Then during the sermon explain the theological message contained within it. I would hope that the children and the parents would then be able to share what they can learn out of these children's books at home.

Here are some I'm thinking but I would love more ideas:

The Giving Tree - God give us many talents which we are to use, or give away, to help others.
The Grinch that Stole Christmas - a look into what really matters, *hint* its not 'things'
The Velveteen Rabbit - sacrificial love. [This is one of my all time favorites but is a little long to read in its entirety...still trying to figure out how to present it]
The Old Turtle - remembering where God is and whose we are, seeing God in creation and in each other
The Runaway Bunny - We cannot escape God's love

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