Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Making Heroes Cool Again

After a very lack luster season, Heroes takes a break from TV, although going strong on the Internet. Many fans would agree that this season, well sucked, compared to last year. This got me thinking…what would pull it the show out of the hole it dug for itself (which I blame on the writer’s strike and people throwing scripts together at the eve of the strike).

Another global disaster would simply be stupid. Nuclear bomb, check. Global virus, check. I don’t know what would be next, global warming? A villain who creates natural disasters? I know a person who wants to construct a plant that is really a big weapon to blow up the earth! Yeah that would be good.

Seriously, a real battle between the heroes and Sylar and Adam would have some good possibilities. It needs to go back to its comic book roots and now that character are developed get to (like Peter and Hiro’s last struggle, that was actually getting cool). What ever it is, when Heroes returns, the show better hook people quick and maybe even REALLY kill some people off! (Days of Our Lives called, they want their script back!)

Do my two readers have any other thoughts? Maybe the fans should start writing the shows and forget the greedy writers guild!


gavin richardson said...

"days of our lives called they want their script back".. hilarious.

my buddy phil does a heroes recap each week. i mentioned a similar thing that heroes feels like a soap opera, all build-up and no real punch. so little a punch you are not really sure it actually happened, so you keep watching

Unknown said...

I have been reading Phil's blog and that is where this post came from. Thanks for the tip.