Thursday, November 15, 2007

Homebound Communion

Today I have matched my entire number of homebound communions. Before today I went on two other communions for those who were homebound and that was almost six years ago. I am in the middle of two today. I came back from a couple who have gone to the church for years but are dealing with physical and health issues now. This evening I will accompany a family to visit his wife/her mother who is in a nursing facility because she has Alzheimer's. I was moved by this experience and I wanted to post the tiny service. I am not sure what will be in store tonight but after this afternoon I know God's prevenient grace is awaiting me and the family for their arrival this evening.

There is power in the sacraments and it was felt to day in their 83 degree third floor apartment. I pulled out a TV tray next to the sink and placed it down in the middle of the living room area. I set on that TV tray a chalice and a plate. I filled the chalice up with a tiny bit of grape juice and placed a single portion Hawaiian bread roll on the plate. The plate engulfed the small roll and the cup looked almost empty with the amount of juice that was in it. It reminded me of the amount of leftover milk that is in my son's sippy cup when he is done with his evening milk.

The wife slide down the couch to sit next to her husband, who was sitting in his recliner which is on a wooden platform to make it easier for his 6'4" frame to sit down on. As her oxygen tube ran from her nose to the bedroom, they sat their and clung on every word of the liturgy. I opened the Book of Worship to the Word and Table for those sick or homebound. As I read and we worshiped together they both got emotional. They took the body of Christ and dipped into the blood and partook in the sacrament.

As I chewed on the body and blood of Christ, the husband broke into prayer. He thanked God for what he had and acknowledge his presence in the room and in their lives. As he prayed tears rolled down his checks. His wife took a deep breath and swallowed her mounting feelings. I closed the service with the prayer after communion.

The power of the sacrament is amazing and it is definitely a means of grace. When we do it monthly in the service I always cherish that time, for me it is special and an intimate connection with God. I often wonder what the others think, if they get it or if they understand the power and love that is held in the bread and the wine. Today couple, which misses their church greatly, was connected to THE Church in their hearts and in their souls. The Holy Spirit was in our midst and felt by all. Thanks be to God.

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