Thursday, November 15, 2007

Homebound Communion 2 (Bird Cat)

My second visit today, to bring the sacrament to a homebound woman, provided another wonderful story. This visit was not full of tears, like the one this afternoon, but one of laughter. Still a wonderfully enlightening and enjoyable.

I went to visit this woman (B) with her daughter and son-in-law. My parishioner had been in this nursing facility for two years now, suffering from Alzheimer's. The same diseases that has ripped my grandfather's brilliant mind from him. She was not as far along as my grandfather. She could still talk, although understanding what she is getting at is another issue.

We had a nice visit and I learned more about her and her husband, who still attends church regularly. After about 40 minutes of visiting I asked if I could do communion. B looked at me and said, 'sure whatever you want.' I started to pull the elements out of the plastic Walmart bag I carried them in. I showed her son-in-law, a real fan of our communion bread, the three remaining Hawaiian bread rolls. He perked up and said yum! We went through the liturgy and B partook in the of the bread and juice. She loved the bread and ate the whole piece. This made an opportunity for all of us to have seconds.

As I sat back down to visit for a couple minutes longer, B's daughter asked me if I had any funny stories about communion. I dazzled them with a couple I always have ready. The 5 year old not wanting to drink blood. The older woman dipping the bread into the cup after she placed the bread on her tongue. Then I started to pack up to head home, B looked at me. She said in her forceful and raspy tone, 'You have nice buns.' I simply stood there and smiled while her daughter and son-in-law all started howling in laughter. I laughed as well (and still am while typing this).

I told B that I will take it that I have nice buns in the Walmart bag in my hand. Ahh...communion, got to love it.

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