Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Reading through my time magazine every week I have noticed a God-O-Meter in the Campaign Briefing section. In these sections they show how one of the candidates interacts with religion that week and then rates it on a 10 point scale. Romney got a 7 in this weeks issue.

This is sponsored by beliefnet. Finally after forgetting for weeks to check this site out I did. It is interesting and I was wondering if anyone else has explored this site. It looks like there are some good topics and conversations happening there. It also looks very commercialized too, since a I was stopped by a 15 second pop-up add for some drug.

Here is what beliefnet's mission is: Our mission is to help people like you find, and walk, a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness.Whether you're exploring your own faith or other spiritual traditions, we provide you inspiring devotional tools, access to the best spiritual teachers and clergy in the world, thought-provoking commentary, and a supportive community.Beliefnet is the largest spiritual web site. We are independent and not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. Our only agenda is to help you meet your spiritual needs.

I am sure as I explore this site a little more I will learn more about the real things going on at this apparently well read and popular site. Although I do have to say their mission statement does seem to be spiritual vague or encompassing (which is why I need to find out more).

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