Monday, November 12, 2007

Gas Prices and Charity

As gas prices continue to rise I have started to think of my money in my tank as charitable giving. In many stewardship campaign, the idea is to put a face to the money. Pastors and churches are encouraged to show how laity dollars translate into ministry. I started to look at gas prices that way too.

In doing some research I was sadden to find out that Chevron did not have a good third quarter, they only made $3.72 billion. Exxon also experienced a bad third quarter by dropping 10%. I am not quiet sure how these companies are going to make it through the year. When I pay over $3 a gallon I am glad I am doing my part to make sure these companies can survive crude oil hitting almost $100 a barrel. It is charity!

It is charitable giving because I am helping the upper crust of these oil companies endure through these harsh times. Someone needs to make sure that these big wigs can afford to make it in this world. Who is going to pay for their 6th car? How can their children afford their private prep school educations and ivy league tuition? How can we expect them to buy powerful positions in the government when they only made $9.41 billion dollars from July to September. Don't you know how much this stuff costs!!!

As my debt card registers $45 to fill up my 1/2 ton, four cylinder Chevy S10, I know that the majority of that money is going to further the greed of those more fortunate than I and most of the world. I take pride in knowing that I am part of something bigger than myself. I feel good knowing that my dollars, making up only 11% of my income, goes to create the most profitable years these oil companies have ever seen.

I am doing my part and I am sure you all are doing yours. I hope you continue to help these feeble manufactures out. They cannot do it on their own. They have only hoarded enough oil to last a couple of decades and I know I am going to have to drive somewhere in the year 2044, so that's important! My advice is don't fret when you swipe your card and fill your tanks, simply smile. You are contributing to the essence of the American dream. You are opening yourself to be taken advantage by those more powerful and wealthier than you, and that IS AMERICA!

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