Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dumbledore's Gay and so are others...

I am not sure how to take this new insight into the Harry Potter series. I, like so many others, wonder why. I wonder what the main point of Rowling's decision to do this, at this point. Were her sales slacking? Does it really add another dimension to the character? Does it help build tolerance for gays and lesbians around the world knowing that a fictional wizard in a children's book is gay?

I truly think it doesn't add anything to the stories. There is really no mention of sexual behavior between the adults in the novels. The only physical contact between characters is the occasional teenage hormonal induced snogging. Does this really add to Dumbledore's character in such a way that makes him different, now knowing he is homosexual?

I am sure the relgious right will have another log to throw on the anti-Potter fire now. Not only will reading these books turn your children into devil worshipers but it will now turn the gay too. Or is that the same thing?

Here is a top ten list of possible other children characters that might be gay too:
10. Frank Hardy (of the Hardy Boys)
9. Margret (from Hello God It's Me Margret, this was the first vagina monologues)
8. The Pokey Little Puppy
7. Sam I Am
6. Inspector Gadget
5. Little Jack Horner
4. Smurfette
3. Pokémon (its all in the name)
2. He-Man (really who would wear that outfit)
1. The Three Men in a Tub


John said...

If Smurfette is gay, then she doesn't have a lot of options.

Cam said...

I never thought Smurfette was gay. She's just the village drag queen.

Unknown said...

I do not want to confuse transgender and gay, but Smurfette was living a celibate lifestyle. Although there were no other Smurfettes to be Smurfy with, she never does Smurf with any other male Smurfs, thus leads one to think she is gay. Notice I did say possible gay characters. Smurfette may not be but with the options she had why weren't any of them attractive to her. Something to think about I guess.

John said...

Well, uh, there was Sassette. I mean, once she got old enough and all. I think that the age of consent for Smurfs is 100.