Saturday, October 20, 2007

Death myths

I have always heard that deaths come in threes. I have seen it in my first appointment and I am in the middle of my first here. On Friday two people affiliated with my church past away. One was a member and the other a long time visitor. The first expected. The second totally unexpected.

With two deaths on the same day this got me thinking about the urban myth that deaths tend to come in threes. On Gray's Anatomy they suggested it came in threes, sevens, and elevens. Should I expect another parishioner to be called up to the heavenly feast?

My wife worked in a nursing home before and she said they talked about certain times that many people would pass on. People would wait for holidays to be over and then depart. Others would wait until life events, like anniversaries, birthday's or a family member was married, to go. Full moons always provided more action. There are tons of urban legends out there. Will this one come true?

I am simply wondering if other ministers or anyone else has come in contact with this phenomenon. If there happens to be a third death I will certainly let you know. I pray not.

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