Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes Predictions & more might be 90 degrees still outside but on TV it is the fall. I am so happy all the shows are starting to come back on. I was thrilled to have something to watch, it was truly exciting. (This will show how much TV is rotting my brain but who cares, there is some great TV out there to watch).

The greatest show on TV aired its premier this week, Heroes. What an incredible, fun, suck you in and never let you go show it is. I am extremely interested in where the new story lines will go and I hope it lives up the first season. Here are some of my plot ideas after the first show:

  • Hiro - will have to become his long time hero, Kensei, to correct history. I liked the big shocker that he was a British guy, didn't see that one coming.

  • Maya - what is her power? I am going to say from the oil that flowed out of her victim's eyes that it may have to do with with sound. We will see.

  • Suresh - he will get too deep into the "company" and will chose his research over the plan he and Noah have to defeat them.

  • Claire and Noah - they will meet new people with powers (of coure flying boy) but others as well. Their plot to be normal will completely backfire.

  • Matt and Molly - Matt will become a great detective in NYC but his desire to protect Molly from the one who can see him will take over and he will create enemies instead of friends.

  • Ando - he takes over the patient waiting for Hiro's return while also looking for Kaito's killer. He is able to tap into the dark history of the 8.

  • Nathan - he starts searching for his brother after some and like Ando learns more about the group his mom was involved with. He also helps her escape the same fate as Kaito but only once!

  • Peter - he hunts for his identity and in the mean time does some dirty work for the crooks he befriends.

I did watch the other shows that bookend Heroes. Chuck was interesting but I don't know where they will go with it. It is at least entertaining. I watched Journeyman too...Quantum Leap called they want their show back.


Kurt M. Boemler said...

Maya generates an extremely lethal virus that affects all in her vicinity. Her brother generates the antidote. That's why its imperative that they are not separated.

Go waste time on the Heroes site and read the graphic novels. They fill in the blanks. "Betty" parts 1-4 are particularly interesting.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I'll check them out.