Monday, September 10, 2007

Chop Saw

My wife and I had our first two days without our 1 year old since his birth. It was a fun, relaxing, sleepy weekend. It was very nice. On Saturday morning we decided that we would venture out into our new town to explore some of the local culture. On the way to church we had noticed a flea market that is open on Saturdays and Sundays. We decided that since we were childless for the morning that we would head out and see what we could find.

As we pulled into the gravel parking lot we could tell that the market was not in full swing. We apparently had gotten there too early, but about 70% of the vendors were getting their booths open. As we headed down the dirt/gravel path, weaving between booths and boxes, the smell of fresh produce filled our noses. We looked at tables full of cheap underwear, more bras than JC Pennys, and countless accessories to cell phones. We saw DVDs for sale, some of which were still out in the theaters, I guess the seller had a connection with the movie studio or something.

As we continued down the path we could start to smell another 'glorious' smell, fresh fish. Cooler after cooler lined the path full of fresh local fish. There was shrimp (we are a good four hours from the coast), flounder, perch, and all types. Then we heard the chirps of more fresh items. All the way in the back of the market was the fresh meat section. I'm talking still alive meat. There were geese, chickens, furry bunnies, and I think I saw a goat!

As my wife and I looked at each other we knew that we were no longer in the Big City. Not only were we in the minority and probably the only English speaking people around, but we had ventured into a land that we were not use to. I was comfortable with the fresh produce and even the fresh fish. I was not comfortable with the chop saw next to the chicken cages.

As my wife and I looked the scene over we suddenly realized how full service this merchant was. He was moving chickens back and forth, from storage cages into the front ones. As we looked at the chop saw we did not see any lumber near by. We did not notice any sawdust around their table. As we looked a little closer we noticed that the blade was a little dirty. It was covered with two things, feathers and blood.

Now I have seen horror movies before and I think this saw was used in one the Saw trilogy. My wife and I decided right then that this was probably a little too much for our city blood to handle. We started to head around, back down past the cell phone accessories, bras, fresh produce and back to our car.

We both simply stared at each other in the car. We knew our adventure was a good one. We stepped out from our comfort zone and into another world. As we headed back to the parsonage, we decided we would not return to the local flea market. We had seen enough of local life for now.

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