Monday, August 13, 2007

Question #5

I am still attempting to go through the 10 questions a pastor should has him/herself about his/er responsibilities and duties/ I am currently going to attempt to answer questions #5 (drum roll please)

If you could talk to one of our ancestors in the faith what you want to ask about pastoral ministry? (they suggest staying within denominational ancestors, ie. Francis Asbury, Thomas Coke, etc.)

I would love to know if the founders of this denomination if this is the picture of a denomination they envisioned. Are we, as United Methodists, the church in America they desired to start? John Wesley had a very social and spiritual gospel. Would we say the same about the UMC? I know we are called Methodists because of the amount of method we place behind our polity and I think that is still true today, yet does our polity get in the way of our ministry? Have we become what our founders were fighting against?

I would love to know their reactions to this. I have this hunch and many of them would be saddened by our response to some social injustices. I think they would state that we as a denomination need to find social concerns we agree on and fight to eradicate them. We should work towards fighting hunger, poverty, and greed. I think they would be sad that we spend twice, if not more, time on talking about homosexuality that we do helping the least of these in this nation and in the world.

I wonder what they would say?

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