Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Question #4

If you were putting the four major categories into the amount of time you spend on them what would be the sequence? Word and ecclesial acts? Sacraments? Order? Service?

It is funny that this is the question right after the one about where your gifts lie in these areas because our gifts are necessarily where we spend most of our time. Time wise my current order would look different. Being that I have only been here for 5 Sundays I think this order will change throughout the year, but here we go anyway.

The order would be Word and ecclesial acts, order, sacraments and service. Now some of this might surprise some people but once again and I just starting this new appointment. Word comes first because now that I am preaching every week that is a top priority. Sunday comes no matter what else happens in the week, so I have to prepare.

Second is Order because I am in the midst of committee meetings and learning the people of the church. I am planning on changes I will make in the future and trying to learn how this church works.

Sacraments are third (a change from question #3 because where it was 4th). It is third because I am also doing a lot of sacraments in this month and I have a feeling I will have the opportunity to do a lot of teaching in this area as the year goes on. I have three baptisms coming up and they do communion every month.

Fourth is service. The reason this is last is because we are in the summer and I am still trying to get to know the area. Church members do a lot of service, meals on wheels, our town's food bank, etc. I haven't gotten involved in any yet because I am still trying to figure out where I fit in and what I am called to do here.

LIke I said for question #3, this list will change and it will be interesting if I came back a year from now to note where my lists have changed over the year.

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John said...

At present, Word (sermon and worship prep), order (church administration), service (the church is not fully engaged in the community) and sacraments (once a month Eucharist).