Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Question #3

Still trying to answer all the 10 questions to keep a minister on track, here is my attempt on question #3. If you were putting the four major categories into the order of your gifts, what would be the sequence: Word and ecclesial acts? Sacrament? Order? Service?

The short answer is Order, Word and ecclesial acts, Service and Sacrament.

Longer answer/explanation. I feel I have been blessed with a good mind for administration. I like to plan, organize, vision cast and enable the gifts of others. This all falls under the category of Order. There are things I do not do well in here but all of these categories are extremely full of different aspects of minister thus one could not be an expert in them all.

Word and ecclesial acts is my second. I love worship and I love doing other forms of worship such as funerals and weddings. I feel God has gifted me in leading worship because if I had a choice I wouldn't speak in front of people. I know every time I am up there preaching (now every week) this is God's will not mine and there is a great feeling of assurance in that.

Service would be third. I think this is linked into the Order a little but it boils down to inspiring a congregation to be the Body of Christ. Pushing the congregation out of the doors and into the community. I have not had a lot of experience in this area. I worked on the mission and outreach committee before but that was about it and that was mostly meetings. I have plenty of room to grow in this area.

I like to think about this as my fourth of four and not the last because it is one I hold deep in my heart. The sacraments are powerful and truly meaningful. I feel privileged every time I am able to do them. My son's baptism was one of the special and holy events in my life. I have placed it here because in the BOD it talks a lot about teaching others about the sacraments. Explaining to parishioners what baptism means and what communion means. I have not had a lot of experience with this yet. This is because in my past appointment I was the associate and these matters were dealt with by the senior minister. I look forward to leading confirmation and guiding people into profession of faith. I look forward to the three baptisms we have scheduled in the next couple of months and talking with the family about what that sacrament means for their children.

There is my order. Doing this has taught me a lot though. I hope that in the next couple of years that Sacrament will move forward to the number one or two slot. It is hard to place them in order because they all are extremely important in ministry but doing so shows me where I need to do some work.


Kurt M. Boemler said...

I appreciate your honesty regarding your placement of Sacrament in the fourth spot. In all truthfulness, I thought I was going to encounter an anti-sacramental reason as I continued to read. I'm about to embark on my first confirmation class, so I look forward to teaching about Baptism and Eucharist. I'm excited and nervous; like you the sacraments are close to my heart and I'm afraid that I won't do them justice in that setting.

Unknown said...

I hope your confirmation goes well. Something like the sacraments are very hard to convey the whole meaning to 6th graders and to anyone. It is one of those things you learn about but then also experience. The experience makes it real.