Monday, August 6, 2007

Intimate Moments

I was supposed to have lunch with a lady in my congregation and her family. My lay person is dying and this would be one of her last meals with her family. The sad news is that did not make it to the lunch, she was taken to the hospital instead. I went to the hospital myself to provide comfort and prayer.

When I found her she was in the emergency room and waiting to see the doctor. She was shaking a lot, uncontrollable tremors shook her legs, arms and jaw. If you would walk in you would have thought that she was shivering, but in actually she was burning up. Her face lit up when she saw me and we had a good visit.

I have had other hospital visits for like this but something stood out in this one that made me aware that God's presence and grace abound. I have only preached from this pulpit five times. I moved in only five weeks ago. This lay person only heard me from the pulpit once and coming in I knew that the cancer would be moving in quick. I have visited her almost every week now and it is amazing to see God work in that little of time. I can already tell I am her pastor and she enjoys my visits. I have done nothing to deserve this but God has simply opened both of our souls to welcome each other. I know I need to start jotting down some notes about our conversation because when I do her eulogy it would be nice to remember some of our conversations.

God’s grace is in this place and in these moments. Wow.

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