Sunday, July 22, 2007

Update #3

My wife and I ventured back to our old turf, Charlotte, NC and visited with the Jamie's family. I did what I was supposed to do and I called the pastor there and asked permission to come. The pastor I had to call was the pastor of visitation at the church. The new associate is on vacation and the senior minister is out on sick leave. To understand this minister of visitation better you have to realize he is a local pastor who has had a very colorful life. He flew in the air force in WWII and has dropped a nuclear bomb. He worked at a church in Charlotte where he was kidnapped and stabbed trying to run the riff raff out of the neighborhood. He is one of my hero's in ministry.

I tell you all this because you have to know a little bit about him to understand my conversation with him. When I called him he was excited to hear from me and when I asked him if I could come visit he said sure. He seemed even a little offended I asked. I told him that the DS up here told me to do this and I wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping over any lines. At this point he tells me, "You know what I say to that, kiss my ass!" He assured me that I should just come and not worry about it because the family would love to see me. So we did.

Back to an update on Jamie though. He is doing better and looked good. When we were able to see him they had his incision uncovered on his head. He has a Nike swoosh looking incision on his skull were they removed part of the skull itself. FYI, guess where they are keeping the piece of skull, in his stomach area. He has a little pocket down there that the doctors made to keep that piece of skull in. The body will keep it healthy and ready to put back when Jamie is ready. Anyway, he is doing better and to get a true update go to They update it at least once or twice a day.

Thank you for all the prayers the family and Jamie can feel them.

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Sally said...

will be praying for Jamie- having had a son seriously ill and continuing to be so we know a little of what it is to be there.

Glad your visit was not hampered in any way.