Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Question 1

1. If your desk is full, which item do you push to the back of the desk for later? Why?

I would have to say that the item that ALWAYS gets pushed to the back of the desk for later would be reading. I truly do not enough reading theological books. I don't mind reading items that help me do my job better, such as books on leadership, sermon commentaries and such but books that talk about long winded theological ideas just keep being pushed to the back. I know that 'as a good pastor' these books should be read so that my theology is ever evolving but I always conveniently don't find the time to do that. I guess you could say those books bore me. Maybe as I get further from seminary (apparently 5 years is not long enough) I will find interest in these books again. We shall see.

Until then, may my theology books continue to gather dust on the back of my desk.


Kurt M. Boemler said...

I leave my theology reading for the bathroom.

Insert ironic comment here.

Seriously, I make a reading list in which every other book is a fun book, and one that's well, not so fun, but needs to be read (i.e., "Tom Sawyer", some Haurwas book, "Zombie Survival Guide", some Outler book, etc...).

John said...

I would expect that every sensible pastor would keep the Zombie Survival Guide toward the front of his desk, along with the Book of Discipline, the Bible, and the Hitchhiker's Guide.