Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Prayer Request

Sunday night the son of my choir director at the church that I just left hydroplaned into a guard rail. As he got out to look at the damage another car hydroplaned and hit him and his car. He is in the Nero ICU and has suffered many broken bones and a stroke. Plus his brain is swelling. They have him in a coma now because they cut a piece of his skull out and have inserted an IV into his blood stream which is cooling his body to 34 degrees. Please keep Jamie and his family in your prayers, these will be long days ahead of them.

It is a scary scenario and one I feel helpless. The new minister there is doing a good job but it is hard to have loved this family for four years and now have to stay at arms reach. I will be talking with the DS today to try and find out the right protocol for these situations but if anyone out there in blogland has been through something similar please let me know.


Theresa Coleman said...

talking with DS ... most excellent. Let me know what she says (or he, as the case may be.)

Bottom line: you can't stop caring. If you could turn that off, you wouldn't be a good pastor. But you can give the other guy room to work in. Let him take the lead and work with what he gives you. Hopefully, he understands what you are going through.

Prayers prayers and more prayers.


gavin richardson said...

i would just extend a hand to the pastor giving yourself as someone to help with the care of the family.

seethroughfaith said...

You do NOT have to stay at arm's reach

You can send a card, phone the family, arrange for a meal to be sent to them

all the things people who love them (in their congregation and outside of it do)

and you can call the pastor tell him you are praying and ask how you can help him.

Hands off is not from God. (now if your attitude is they cannot do it without me, he's a bad pastor that's quite another matter) but this is out of love

and to fail to show that love is to fail as a brother in Christ

take off the pastors hat and love them to life!

Andy B. said...

This is a horrible situation, and you are in the prayers of this entire Methoblog community.

I also think that in a year or so, this would be a good case study for pastoral ethics, but not now. It is still too fresh.