Sunday, July 1, 2007

First Sunday

Well the countdown begins. It is 7:55 AM and the service does not start until 11:00. Sunday School doesn't even start until 10:00. What do I do. Everything is prepared, checked over twice. I'm merely killing time. So I blog.

Moving is very consuming. It is hard to believe one week ago I woke up preparing to say goodbye. One week later I am waking up readying myself to say hello. I have moved my family 70 some odd miles north to a smaller town. We moved into a beautiful and HUGE parsonage and we are trying to make it home. We don't have all the furniture we need and the house is a wreck. Our cats are messed up in the head because of this week (although they have not really been sane to begin with) and my son (10 months old) seems to be enjoying the new house more than anyone. It has been one hell of a week and now it is time for church.

I lift up all those on their first Sundays. May your congregation welcome you with open arms and may you new homes be your homes soon. Peace of Christ.

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