Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Evan Almighty Review

I do have to say I am a little jealous of those movie critiques that get to do this all the time. First off, no previews, no pre-movie adds, no fluff. At 7:00 THE MOVIE STARTED! That was pretty awesome.

Overall this is a great picture for the family. Children will love the animals and get the majority of the jokes. Parents and adults will love the animals and get the majority of the jokes. It is a clean humor, family fun movie which all ages would enjoy.

Unlike Bruce Almighty though I though character development was a little weak. I would have like to see Evan’s character show more depth and struggle a tad more with God’s plan for him to build an ark. I also wish there was more development in the family relationships. I knew one son liked the animal planet but other than that, the other two sons were merely there. Same with the Evan’s wife, Joan, I understood that they loved one another but she seemed very one dimensional. Questions that would have been great to answer, What did the family have to leave in their move do DC? What were the families interest besides complaining their father is too caught up in his job and very self-centered.

Theologically I was pleased with the movie. Like Bruce Almighty God, Morgan Freeman, is done very well. He is thoughtful and witty but not overbearing. He fits the image of a loving God who cares for his children and wants them to do his will. I was worried at one point because of the talk of the flood that was coming. God promises not to flood the world again so I was interested in seeing how they handled that and I thought, without giving too much away, they did well with that.

Steve Carell does a good job for a family film and is funny with his gags and jokes. Morgan Freeman does another excellent job with being God. The one who steals the movie for me is Wanda Sykes though. She delivers one one-liner after another and provides a nice punch throughout the movie.

I also thought that the beard and robe slant to Evan character was a little too much like The Santa Clause. Although I understood the point that God had to push Evan away from need to look good it was a little cheesy.

Some of the major theological themes I noticed were; God’s plan verses our plan. There is a great seen when Evan tells God that this doesn’t fit into his plan. God laughs and laughs hard. I think God does that a lot in our lives when we think we can tell what God needs to do and what is right. Doing the will of God despite what others say is another theme.

The only questionable one that I’m still wrestling with is when God says the way to change the world is by one random act of kindness at a time. Now I do agree with being kind to our fellow human beings but the idea of random act of kindness I think is a little bit of a plug for the material they are trying to sell to churches and to tie in the plot together in the end (you will have to watch it to fully understand me).

The meat though, the line that I would pay $10 to hear again, is when God is talking to Joan, Evan’s wife. God says, When people pray for patience do you think God just gives them patience or an opportunity to be patience. When someone prays for courage, does God give them courage or an opportunity to be courageous. This is a brilliant way to look at what we ask God for and how God replies to us. I do have to say that this will make it into a couple sermons that I will preach.

Overall I give this movie a B.

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