Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Time 100, Our 100

I received my Time magazine this week and was excited to see it was the 100 most influential people in the world issue. This issue always intrigues me but as I read through it I realized it is a little out of touch with my world, either that or I am very out of touch. I completely agree with about 75% of the list but when you get to scientists and thinkers section, who are these people. Craig Venter, check, human genome project, heard of him. Al Gore, check, cannot throw turn on my air conditioner without thinking about global warming now. But that is about it.

I take it that when Time states scientists and thinkers that they concentrated a little too much on the scientists. Science is highly needed and we need the advancements that they will provide as they look deep into space and deep into the microscopic world. But do you have to be in science to be a thinker? What about the other "thinking" areas, psychology, sociology, heck even theology. What do we do with all these 'ologies'?

Who would you add to this list? What are some other theological and religious leaders that were missed this year? Don't get me wrong, they had some. Pope Benedict XVI and Peter Akinola (the Anglican archbishop of Nigeria) are in the Leaders & Revolutionaries section. We have to tip the hat to Tony Dungy for his faith and dedication (Heroes & Pioneers) and Amr Khaled, an Islamic cleric, for his talking to the world about Islam. But that is about it (please let me know if I missed one).

What religious leaders were missed? Who were the people that have made dramatic affects on the world this year in the name of Christ? Who, good and bad, has been in the news and is a household name in parsonages all over? Who did Time forget? Who would you add to a section of the most influential Theologians and Religious Leaders?

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