Saturday, May 19, 2007

Senior Sermon

As I prepare the four seniors in my youth minister to preach I remember my senior sermon. What a piece of crap that was. I know somewhere in the depths of my parent's basement there is a video tape of it. I truly never want to see that tape ever!

Now that I am doing this professionally I look back at that sermon and realize how horrible it was. I got lots of comments from the congregation that they enjoyed it but it was a traditional youth sermon, centered on how good I was and not much on God. Only by the grace of God have I grown a little in these past 12 years though.

I have tried to focus these youth on the fact that these sermons are suppose to point towards God and to use yourself as an example only when necessary. God should always come out on top though. I think this a rule of thumb for all preachers.

The most powerful thing about preaching though is the way God can use it. Even during crappy sermons, when in the middle I, the preacher, am bored, God still uses me to speak to others. It is truly a humbling experience and as these seniors begin to take their place on tomorrow and proclaim the Word of God, I hope the realize how humbling and powerful this experience can be.

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